Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sweet 16th

Happy Birthday Remy. The Remster, the Reminator, Remmy cup. Another birthday we got to celebrate at Els's, Remy's birthday. He was turning sweet 16 never been kissed (or has he). Today we had quiet day, we were all still recovering from yesterday and we had big plans for the evening so we didn't want to do too much during the day. We had a special pancake breakfast and i tried to get Remy to open some of his presents, but he didn't want to. What kind of a kid doesn't want to open his presents? But that was ok, he wanted to wait until Lisa got home and Wim arrived home for morning tea.
Wim was bringing Remy's birthday cake home so when Wim arrived it was all action stations a go go.

This cake was made by the same lady who made our 'welcome to holland' cake, one talented lady if you ask me. It has beer on it because tonight would be the night Remy would have not only his first legal beer, but his first beer of all time. Time for presents.

remy's favourite present

Overall i think Remy was happy with his presents, the only exception being the watch we choose for him. After we had all had cake and had taken as many photos and sung happy birthday as many times as we thought possible Paul and the boys went into Hoorn with Lisa so Remy could see if he could exchange his watch for something he liked a bit better.

That night we all went bowling for Remy's birthday.

Once again it was girls on one team boys on the other. Having been bowling approximately 3 times already this year, with one of those times being at the very same bowling alley, i felt i had a good chance of wiping the floor with the other girls. But then Mum came out of nowhere with some moves and suddenly it was on.

After bowling we had a slap up meal in the restaurant next door where we got the choice of pork schnitzel, hamburgers or chicken satay. All were disgusting but the chips were very tasty!

No time for dawdling over dinner, we had a pub to hit up. Remy was about to have his first beer. We car pulled across Hoorn to a lovely little pub. Nevermind that it was a Wednesday night and just about every other person in the place was drinking tea of coffee, we were there to par-tay (i promise i will not use party as a verb in this blog again). Paul was really hoping to be able to buy the glass that Remy's first beer came in but the pub didn't have any branded glasses and the idea off just buying a plain dirty pint glass didn't have quite the same appeal, still special though.

I think i was really lucky to be able to share this day with Remy, before they arrived in Holland i had very little to do with Paul's family other than seeing them at some of our family parties, this has been a really good chance to get to know Harry and Remy.

Because i am so behind on my blogs i am using this one as a chance to say a shout out to my Dad, Happy Birthday! I have a lot to be thankful for, having you in my life, and i'm not just saying that because you experienced a Mary McKillop Miracle or because you were on the TV


  1. what's this about your dad? did he have a thing with mary mckillop????
    sounds like remy had a lovely day. you're mum is a dark horse sometimes - i mean, not only can she bowl, but she also knows about golf!!! go figure.......

  2. hey lil, sounds like you all had a nice time for Remys birthday. thats a shame that you wont be in holland long enough for me to send you a package, when do you come back?

  3. Looking at the photo,s Remy did enjoy his birthday what did he end up getting instead of the watch?
    Clever that cake
    .You say it is so nice to get to know your cousins a bit better I had thought the same about Helena and Paul. love Oma

  4. Hi All, Still eagerly looking out for the next installment,really enjoying the journey, miss you both heaps, but the blog journal helps me to feel closer. Just finished my last case study for Acute and Chronic,Friday is my last practicle exam (wish me luck!!)
    P.S. still not smoking (day 19) Love you, Jo