Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Doesburg Part IV

So far, since getting sick, i have had different symptoms everyday. The first day, tuesday, i had a horrible tighty feeling in my chest, like i was out of breath after doing strenuous excersice, wednesday my throat was really sore and i lost my voice, now today, thursday i have a runny nose and a sore throat. Its nothing IKEA won't be able to fix though! We caught the bus to IKEA today becuase LIsa works there and we were going to have a look around and have something to eat and then wait for Lisa to finish so we could get a lift back to Doesburg.
Sadly IKEA in Holland is pretty much exactly the same as IKEA in Adelaide. I don't know what i was expecting to be different but there you go. It was still fun and we had a really nice lunch there. I had poffertijs and chips and an ice cream and soft drink and tea, all for 2 euro. No wonder i got sick.

That night after tea Mum, Getty and I went to the movies in Doetichem to see Eat Love Pray. We parked at the school where Jan is deputy head master. This is his amazing school. It has won awards as one of the best buildings in Holland. In the centre of the building there is even a garden.

this was on one of the walls of the cinema we went to

The movie was good if you like that style but i found it a but frustrating, it did have beautiful scenery in it and James Franco is always nice to watch. Movies here always have an intermission which is good if your busting for the toilet, but very frustrating if your really into the movie. During the intermission i had an awkward run in with a german woman who started babbling at me at the door while i nervously looked around for mum. Getty saved me in the end "She. Does.Not.Speak.German" but then after the intermission she sat next to me and still kept trying to talk to me. No german lady, no!

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