Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rotterdam Tuesday

Good news, they have a Primark in Rotterdam. I had raved about it to Mum and i convinced her that we really needed to go so she could pick up some bargains. Marcia was kind enough to drive us there and Paul, Harry and Remy also came along to see what all the fuss was about.
Rotterdam Primark was just as busy as London Primark, but not quite as big or as good. We all split up and the boys went upstairs and we looked around downstairs. I swear time speeds up as soon as you step through the doors because before i knew it we had been there 2 hours. Although an hour of that was spent lining up to pay.

After another wonderful Primark experience we went home for lunch and to get changed ready to go on the splash bus that afternoon. Paul and Remy opted not to join us because they were starting to come down with a cold.
The splash bus is a funny bus that drives around Rotterdam but also turns into a boat and goes into the water. I wasn't sure about it but once we started out it was actually really fun. Marcia's son Ryan came and Ellen's youngest Elton also came instead of Paul and Remy.

It was so much fun, especially when the bus goes into the water for the first time becuase you just don't believe it can actually work, i was sure we would hit the water and just sink, which would be good for a few minutes because it would be like being in a submarine, until the bus filled with water and we ran out of air.
But that didn't happen, when we were on land the bus is quite high and your sitting high up with a good view of everything, but once you're in the water you're a lot lower at the water comes up just below the windows so you also have a really good view. We drove through central Rotterdam first and then we did a lap of the harbour before going back onto land and seeing some more of Rotterdam. If ever you're in Rotterdam you should try this.
On the way home we picked up chinese for everyone and then spent the night watching a terrible movie with Norah Jones and Jude Law that didn't even make it to the big screen. I could tell it had been made a while ago because Jude Law had all his hair.

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  1. julian is now devising ways to make the boat bus into a submarine/boat/bus!
    he thinks that will be way cooler, but i'm not sure many people would want to see what's floating under that water!!!
    It sounds like you are having so much fun.
    see you soon