Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rotterdam Wednesday

Paul and the boys and I decided to be brave today and go out on our own into the city. Mum and Inga wanted to stay home because Oma's brother Leen was coming over for tea that night with his wife so they wanted to get things ready at home.
We caught the bus in and I introduced them to H&M for the first time. We had just come out of a shop and had stopped for a drink when it started hailing really heavily.

i figured this would be the closest i got to snow so i better take some photos

The main reason we went into town was to look for some boots for Paul, and we had a good look around, but towards the end i think the boys were fed up with shops. Not this shop though

It was some kind of army disposal store and Remy fell in love with a crossbow here. He tried to convince Paul to buy it for him, he was pretty sure he could get it on the plane if he just packed it in his suitcase. Paul didn't really think it was a good idea.

Then it was time to go home and help cook tea. Or rather for Paul to cook tea.

I don't remember Leen from the first time i came, but his wife Riet has been to Australia to stay with Oma and Opa quite a few times so it was nice to see her again.

Although it was really nice to see them both and spend time with them the greatest thing to come out of the night was that Leen said he would give Mum and I an extra suitcase so we could get all our stuff home! I had already looked it up and it would cost the same to post a box of stuff as it would to add an extra piece of lugage to our ticket. All our problems solved!

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