Friday, October 8, 2010

Doesberg Part I

Doesburg is where mums childhood friend Getty lives. They were really good friends while mum was still living in Holland, right up until she moved to Australia, and they have kept in contact ever since. We are spending the week with Getty, staying with her, her husband Jan and her youngest son Luuk. She also has a daughter Lisa who is the same age as me but she lives with her boyfriend...somewhere else...??
Els and Wim drove us down to Doesburg on Sunday. Mum had been trying to prepare me about what i had instore that week, "We will be riding most places becuase Jan and Getty only have one car and they don't use it much" "They try and be as envirnomentally friendly as they can" "I'm not sure if they have a computer, i think they will but i am not sure" by the time we were on our way to Doesburg i was expecting a tiny barn in the middle of a field with only a horse and cart for transport, a telegram machine for communication and an old wireless in the corner that we would huddle around at night to listen to the 8 o'clock news. This obviously wasn't quite accurate. They actually have a really nice, big, modern, house, that they converted about 10 years ago when it used to belong to the church. And they have not one but TWO computers.
I have struggled while being here, sometimes i have felt really homesick and Getty and her family only speak a small amount of English. But they more than make up for it by being incredibly nice and accomodating and friendly, which only makes me feel worse becuase i know i ungrateful i act at times. Sometimes i just get really fed up of sitting in a room and trying to follow conversations going on around me. If i concentrate i can follow most of it but by the time i have translated it in my head there has already been 5 subject changes and i am back where i started. 
But the charm of Doesburg and this family is starting to wear me down, and i can't help but smile when Getty plans as many activities that she can think of for me, and makes me special salads of my own becuause she knows i don't like salad dressing, and tucks me up on the couch when i'm sick.

Monday we had a quiet day around Doesburg and rode over to the local second hand store where i picked up some beauties, after which Getty took us on a mini cycling tour of Doesburg.
Karen i saw these and had to take phots for you. I hope you do still like combies, because you know that is what i give you every birthday and christmas.

That night we went to see the film Invictus at the local cinema in Zevenaar. The cinema is called Film Huis and they have little cinemas all over Holland for art house style movies. Similar to Palace cinemas but only one theatre that fits around 50 people. It creates a lovely atmosphere and everyone who works there are volunteers so your admission cost goes towards maintaining the cinema. Getty said that there is a waiting list for people who want to become part of the volunteer team. The movie was really good, even though i have no interest in rugby.


  1. OOh I do still love combis that blue one is a beauty! Hope your not getting too home sick:( Im glad the people your staying with are realy nice, and I bet your going to be so good at speaking dutch by the end of your holiday. I will be jelous! Even though you cant quite keep up with the conversations yet, when you get back and people are speaking dutch at oma and opas you will know whats going on while i will still be staring blankly! (at which time you will think 'sucked in karen' in dutch)

  2. Have you been sick?? I am really impressed that you can follow most of the conversations, however slowly. I struggle to keep up with the English ones at the moment, but I think I'm just a bit special sometimes...

    'Part 1' suggests that you still have a way to go with your Doesburg trip. I hope it runs more smoothly than my Melbourne trip! Also, try to remember that you have to get all of your purchases back to Australia at some point, won't you? :-P

    Missing you muchly,
    Your Sister

  3. Lovely lily that was a most amusing account of Doesburg Opa enjoyed it tremendously.
    Yes Gerty is a lovely woman and i also like her husband One would not think that Holland was such an overcrowded country when one sees the picture in this account
    thanks love Oma

  4. I gave up French in year 9, not because I wasn't any good, but just because I didn't like it. Some of my friends kept it up, and though I probably know enough to get around France, I have the same as you when I try and understand their conversations. Not that they're that good though ;)
    The countryside looks so beautiful! The weather is just starting to get nicer over here.
    Looking forward to your next update :)

  5. I met Getty 25 years ago when I was there. They had this fabulous place - quaint and beautiful. Hope you are feeling better - you need to be well when you take on England!!!!!!!!!!!!