Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rotterdam Friday

Going to the Zoo!

We had a big family outing today at the Rotterdam Zoo, Inga, Mum, Marcia, Paul, Wesley, Shelby, Ryan, Remy, Harry and I all went. It was really busy because this week was the first week of the school holidays and the kids were out in numbers alright. It was ok though, i must admit starring at kids in Holland is more fun as long as i say it in a nice tone it doesn't matter what i say, they're too young to have learnt english yet. I hope.

So Remy and I were Zoo Buddies round 2 and i think within the first 10 minutes we had lost everyone. We started at the seals and then went on to the aquarium.

From here we went on to the polar bear, probably the most depressed animal i have ever seen. But don't worry, Remy assured me they're ment to look like that, Polar Bears are sad animals.

It was somewhere around South America that we met up with everyone else

Somewhere along the line we lost Mum and Wesley so we all had to stop and wait for them to catch up

After we finally found them we headed to Asia

When we visited the Apes there was this amazing story about Bokita the Silverback Gorilla who escaped 2 years ago and ran wild around the zoo. For 2 years a woman had visited the zoo everyday because she was obsessed with this gorilla and she wanted to write a book about him. She constantly tried to make eye contact with him and would try and intmidate him and provoke him, naturally this pissed Bokita off so he tried and tried and finally he found a way to escape and went after her. He scaled a wall and somehow got over the moat around his enclosure and attacked her. She wasn't seriously hurt but the Zoo didn't take any action against Botika becuase they realised what she had been up to. He ran around the Zoo for a while and even went into one of the Zoo restaurant and attacked some other people but the keepers managed to get him with a tranquliser.

After the Zoo i had to say goodbye to everyone in Rotterdam and catch the train back to Hoorn to meet up with Lisa because we were going out that night. Mum stayed longer and got dropped off later that night by Jan. A fun week in Rotterdam, Inga and her family are amazing and really welcoming. Inga reminds me so much of Mum and Oma and she is just the warmest person i have ever met. The whole time her and Mum were together they were laughing. I hope i will be able to stay with them again next time.

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