Saturday, October 9, 2010

Doesburg Part III

I thought it was an unofficial rule that you can't get sick when your on holidays? I think it's only fair that while you are treating your body to the wonders of the world the least it can do is manage to fight off a cold.
Wednesday i was not feeling good at all, obviously lying very still in a dark room didn't work as well as i thought it would.
We had the whole house to ourselves today because Getty Jan and Luuk were all at school or work. Mum and I thought it would be nice to cook tea that night and set off in the morning to explore Doesburg and and buy ingredients. We wandered through the little market held in Doesburg and i took hundreds of pictures of the local church.

Mum also took me to look at the old mustard museum that she remembered from the last time she was here. It has since been turned into a little shopping precinct with lots of local artists having shops there. It was really nice and ofcourse mum and i couldn't resist buying some things.

I was also in desperate need of a new bra but i had absolutely no idea how to go about buying one becuase all the sizes were different. My method of holding one that possibly looked like it could fit up to my chest wasn't really working and since being 'fitted' i have been terrified of the idea of wearing a bra that doesn't fit  properly. Me and mum worked up the courage to go into a store and actually get measured. Not that we planned to buy one from this store, we would go across the road to the cheap department store, but we humoured the lady by trying a few on. Then we rushed across the road to the Hema where we had seen bra's for 5 euro! An hour later we arrived at the cash register where, to top it off, the bra's scanned at only 3.75!
Next we headed off to the supermarket feeling very optimistic about the delicious meal we had planned for that night. 4 weeks later and i still find it fascinating to go to the supermarket. For some reason we didn't factor in the distance we had to walk back when we we're filling our basket. Still we made it home ready to whip up a storm in the kitchen. Our next hurdle was the oven. Neither of us had any idea how the oven worked. I had it on for 20 minutes and could still stick me head in it with out even raising a sweat. This started to make us feel uneasy because we thought we would make quiche and pavlova, both need extended periods in an oven. It was probably 2 hours later that Luuk came home and saved us. We had already called Getty at work twice and mum had not been able to make any sense of her instructions. So Luuk showed mum how to get it working and i laid on the couch and fell asleep. By the time i woke up the pavlova was in the oven and the pastrty for the quiche was cooked and cooling on the bench. The instructions for the pavlova clearly said an hour in the oven at 100 degrees, then let the oven cool completely before taking it out. When i took the pavlova out after following the instructions to a T the pavlova was still raw on the outside and i hated to think what the inside was like. But we were cooking to a time frame because Jan had to go out at 7 and Luuk would be getting home from water polo at 7.30. We put the pavlova to one side and focused on the quiche. That worked out ok and was eatable, i thought it tasted damn good, but maybe i am biased. After tea i tried putting the pavlova back in the oven to cook it a bit longer but it made no difference, in the end Jan missed out on pavlova and when Getty got home at 9pm i was still sure that putting it in the oven 'for just another 10 minutes'would do the trick. We all gave up and just ate it raw and i think it tasted great!

After all the headaches it was worth it in the end. Getty said it was like 'little angels were dancing across her tongue' Nicely put Getty.


  1. nicely put indeed! what a nice treat to come home from work to find dinner cooked.
    i went to the mustard museum when it still sold mustard!! - was it that long ago since i was there???? i feel ancient now.
    i sill wish i was shopping with you - even in supermarkets - i love looking at new products and the different things they sell.

  2. I was laughing out loud as you reminded me of Morton and his vitimin rants!!!! My god he was entertaining without even trying. Hope your munching loads of vitimins and starting to feel better. Beautiful photos, gosh I wish I could see it all in person