Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Doesburg Part V

Today we went into Arnhem to do some shopping which is about an half hour bus ride. On fridays they always have a big market that we all wanted to have a look at.

We had a very productive day looking around the city, doing some shopping and buying Luuk some birthday presents. We had a really nice lunch at Beijenkorf which is a department store similar to David Jones. They had a fabulous restaurant where you can go around and help yourself to dishes and drinks, like in IKEA, but everything was much fresher and nicer and there was a lot more variety.
I still wasn't feeling very good and by the afternoon i was more than ready to head home for a nap.

That night mum convinced me to go for a walk with her around Doesburg and it actually turned out to be really nice to see it all in the dark when it was nice and quiet and the church was all lit up.

We only got a little lost along the way. I took lots of photos along the way because i don't want to forget anything. When we got home i had planned on working on my Dutch but somehow i just ended up playing Yahtze with mum all night. I did count in Dutch so i guess that kinda counts.

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