Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rotterdam Monday

By now you have probably realised that i am very behind with writing posts so the dates that i write them are not the dates that they actually happen. This also means i tend to switch between past and present tense as i get caught up reliving the 'moment'

Today Jan came home from work early so he could take us out for the afternoon. We went to Gouda to visit one of the cheesemaking capitals of Holland. Jan had swapped cars with a friend so all 7 of us could fit in the one car. Unfortunately 2 people had to sit in the very back which was really cramped and Remy, Harry and I usually fought over who had to sit in the dickie seats.

Jan raved about the apple tart at a cafe in Gouda so we headed there first.

this building is where they used to weigh
all the cheese that they sold

I didn't have appletart, even though it looked so good. My cherry cheesecake was just as good, if not better.
After we were all full up with cake and coffee we went for a stroll around town, looking at all the old buildings.

i love this building on the left, if it wasn't for the scissor lift ruining the picture
it almost looks like a Walt Disney castle

After Gouda we had to hurry home so i could cook spaghetti bolognese for everyone. Very tasty if i do say so myself.

It must have been good becuase Inga couldn't even stop eating to have a photo taken.

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  1. Lily! I get so excited every time i read your new posts, i start to dream about the possibilities of having an adventure like yours one day. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time. London looks stunning but I'm almost more jealous of the strawberry cheesecake lol (cheesecakes always been my fav) So glad you got to fulfill your dream to go to Topshop I'm sure you will come up with a new life goal soon. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and see you soon xoxoxo
    Love AJ
    Kane and Mia say hi too :)