Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Doesburg Part VI

The weather was beautiful today and we got to spend a lazy day around the house just pottering and packing all of our stuff up which was a monster task in itself. Over breakfast i was flicking throug a blokker catalogue and i saw the something that i truly think will redefine my wardrobe, coat hanger organisers! Nifty little hooks that you put on your coat hanger so that you can hang another coat hanger from that coat hanger, and even another one if you want. Its all about creating space. I have been trying to get them in Australia but i haven't been able to find them so really, i need to buy them. Plus they take up hardly any space. So after breakfast Mum and Getty came with me and we bought the stores entire stock (almost) and did some grocery shopping.
In the afternoon mum and i sat out in the garden and read and i painted her nails and felt very much like we were on holidays.

Later that day we drove to Didum to have a look at the last house the van Adrighems lived in before they left Holland.

I don't know if the photo's do the house justice. Its a beautiful little house that once was home to 6 growing kids! Mum said the house used to stand alone and be surrounded by corn fields, but ofcourse now it is surrounded by housing developments. It is so important to me to know about my family and where they have come from, what they have experienced. I have learnt so much about Mum and her side of the family since being here, hearing her reminise and tell me stories from her childhood really are priceless (thankyou visa)
We had to head home so we could get ready to go and watch Luuk play water polo that night. He takes his water polo very seriously. I don't think i have ever watched an entire game of water polo because, lets face it, its a bit of a silly sport.

Luukl's fan club

 After waterpolo we went out for tea to a little Italian restaurant. It definatly wasn't the most enjoyable evening. The food was good but there were just to many people there and i felt very uncomfortable. The more uncomfortable i felt the angrier i got, the angrier i was the less people wanted to talk to me, the less people talked to me the angrier i got. I was very angry that night. I know you always look back and think about how appalling your behaviour was but at the time it always seems perfectly justified. I had just had enough. It was hard this weeshek because they all spoke very little english and i didn't really know Getty and her family at all. I find it hard enough to meet new people let alone trying to get along with them when i can't talk to them. I felt bad for mum because she was caught in the middle trying to act like my translater as well as be my only friend whilst also trying to spend time with her friend. I was really ready to go back to Els and Wim's in Hoorn.  


  1. Wow, how awesome to see the little house our family lived in before they came to australia, I cant wait to show mum your photos if she hasnt already seen them:) Its so cute! Yay for your coat hanger organizers, they sound handy.

  2. that's the house i was born in!!!
    lily - you don't need coat hanger hooks - you need to make Maddy's bedroom your walk in wardrobe!!!