Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rotterdam Sunday (evening)

When i got off the train in Rotterdam Mum and Inga where there to pick me up. And by that i mean i got off the train and was heading out of the station and by chance looked up the staircases to one of the other platforms while walking along and saw Mum and Inga standing there looking totally lost. To her credit Mum had every intention of being there to meet me when i got off the train but because our trains got mixed up in Belgium i wasn't on the train she thought i would be on.
Anyway they picked me up from the station and we went back to Inga and Jan's house and waited for Paul and the boys to arrive from Brielle. That night we all went out for tea in Scheveningen with Paul and the boys and Inga and Jan and their two daughters and their extended family and partners etc. Scheveningen is a harbour town about 20 minute drive from Rotterdam.

Aren't Paul's glasses pretty?

This was the first time i met Inga and Jan's oldest daughter Ellen so that as nice, she came with her partner and her eldest daughter Shelby and Marcia came with her partner too. Both really nice girls.
It was a nice way to spend the evening after catching about 50 different trains across Europe all day. That may be a slight exaggeration ofcourse.

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