Saturday, October 9, 2010

Doesburg Part II

Tuesday we were going to visit Ada and Jan, who are old family friends of Oma & Opa and the family. Ada used to clean for Oma & Opa while they still lived in Didum and she is only a couple of years older than mum. They live in Zevenaar and to get their we caught a little mini bus from Doesburg.

Bus stops are fun

When we got there Ada and Jan were looking after their little grand daughter Noah ( know thats a boys name right?) is she not one of the cutest little girls you've ever seen

Noah with her Oma Ada
We spent the day at Ada and Jan's and in the afternoon Jan took us to look at the house his son has built, and at one of the windmills nearby. Windmill, yay!
We stayed right through until dinner and after dinner Jan drove us all the way back to Doesburg. I was glad, as fun as mini buses are there is only so much i can take in one day. I really liked Jan and Ada a lot. Jan even had a tear in his eye as he said goodbye to Mum. I have that affect on people. By the time we got home i wasn't feeling well, i had a horrible tight feeling in my chest. I was supposed to go with mum to watch Getty sing in the local choir but i opted to stay home instead. If i lay very still in a dark room then there is a pretty good chance i won't get sick.

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