Monday, October 25, 2010

Rotterdam Thursday

Today Marcia was taking us out for lunch to a pancake house in Kralingse Bos which is a huge park in the middle of Rotterdam, similar to Bonython park or Central Park, which ever you can relate to better. It was really beautiful there, lots of forest and a lake in the middle of the park.

The pancake house was a really kitsch place with lots of stuffed animals hang from the ceiling and wooden panelling everywhere.

It was the kind of place where you get paper place mats and texta's so you can colour in.

Delicious pancakes as well, Mum Marcia and I got poffertjes, and the others all got horrible savoury pancakes with things like bacon and mushroom and raisins. My poffertjes looked much nicer.

We went for a walk around the park after lunch to work of some of the food. It seemed like a good idea but once we started walking it was so cold and windy that we only did a short walk along the lake and then we all hurried back to the warmth of the car.

That night Harry Remy and I went out to the movies in Rotterdam South and saw RED which is excellent, like Oceans 11 but with CIA agents and much funnier.

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  1. The pancake house interior reminds me of the restaurant attached to the accommodation we stayed at in Launceston - do you remember it, mama? All stuffed animals and old toys and instruments suspended from the ceiling, and lots of stained glass windows.

    Only 1 week to go...