Monday, September 13, 2010

The Night Before

Would you believe that it is now the night before?
It has not even hit me that i am going on holidays, i have this feeling in my stomach like something terrible is about to happen but i can't quite figure out what it is. I'm sure that's a good thing, in my experience the things i am dreading often turn out much better than i expect them to!
I have packed, then re-packed, then added more, then taken some away but now 13.7 kg later i am ready to go!
Last stop is Muzz Buzz tomorrow to see my girls, good luck to them all this week. Do not give in to the dreaded Jackie! Talk about the worst timing, a week before i leave we all find out we have all lost our jobs. Some girls were re-hired but sadly i did not make the cut. Not that i care mind you, i say 'damn the man!'
So this week i say goodbye to a stella bunch of girls, i could not have asked for a better place to do an honest days work. (Yes, honest!)

Shout out to all the girls at Muzz Buzz Nailsworth!

Fingers crossed tomorrow will go smoothly, i am hoping for an upgrade when we arrive at the airport


  1. here's hoping you got that upgrade. i miss you guys already - which is kind of weird because we really don't see each other that much. i think it's the idea that i can't see you :(
    anyway,have a fabulous time and bring me back a souvenir - even if it's just a dutch lip balm

    I love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Have an amazing trip, i cant wait to hear all about it and see 20 hundred million photos or more :)
    Im going to assume u have just arrived there so i will keep my eyes peeled for another update soon.