Saturday, September 18, 2010

My First Bike Ride

My favourite day so far...
This morning the weather was so nice i convinced everyone to go for a bike ride because i have been absolutely gagging for it!
I know bike riding has become trendy in Australia but we have nothing on Holland. You become 10x cooler just by getting on a bike, it makes everyone look super effortlessly chic.  I like to think so anyway.

We rode over to Hoorn and went down to look at the harbour and on the way we visited the secret garden which is in the middle of an artist commune, a very peaceful place.

behind these walls is the garden

From there we rode into town on our way to the harbour. We parked our bikes outside an adult erotica shop and wandered through Hoorn down to the harbour. We barely made it 500 metres before we all agreed it was time to stop for coffee and cake
On to the harbour now, and we only stopped a few more times. We popped into Els's work and i got to see all of the very nice and very expensive bags in her shop. I am looking forward to going in when Els is working so i can really familiarise myself with the products.
We had such beautiful weather today and we had the luxury of being able to sit at the harbour in the sun and enjoy the view
There is a story to go with these 3 statues, i think it has something to do with them all running away to see when they were only 15

Sadly i was busting for the toilet so we had to head home. I ended up having to duck into Els's shop to use the loo because i didn't think my bladder could handle the 6km's back on a bike.
Lucky i did because when i saw this guy i was so excited that i probably would have wet myself if i hadn't just gone

If i was worried about looking like a tourist i really sealed the deal here, but i just couldn't resit, he's wearing clogs!

We took a differnt route on the way home which was a good oppertunity for me to really demonstrate my fantastic camera skills

Wim obviously didn't think so because he took the camera away from me and insisted he would take the photos

I didn't mind though becuase he took a photo of this guy...

It wasn't until he was crossing the road infront of me that i realised he had a giant doobie in his mouth atleast 15cm long. Apparently he is a local character who just walks around town all day smoking a joint.

 Tonight i feel very homesick though, i love it here and i love staying with Els and Wim but i miss everyone at home and at times like tonight when we are all having tea i find i can't follow the conversation and i feel very lonely all of a sudden. Nevermind though, in a way it's reassuring to know i won't be too unhappy to go home, even though at the time i was sooooooooo distraught at the idea of leaving everyone

Shout out to Maddy and Daniel who i believe are somewhere in the great state of Victoria picking up Maddy's new Datsun???


  1. ok i've pretty much decided to never read your blog again because i just sit here and want to be with you so much - it looks like so much fun. and, if i were there too, you wouldn't get lonely because i refuse to speak dutch, so i could talk to you - about all the things we bought that day (because we would do a heck of a lot of shopping).
    so, this will be my last comment.....
    only joking, i can't stop reading - i'm addicted to your updates and i like to think i am visiting holland vicariously through you :)

  2. Wow, it looks amazing over there, I'm really jealous!!! I'll start updating my blog again, so you ca see what I've been up to... :)