Thursday, September 23, 2010


We visited Enkhuizen yesterday which is a little harbour town. We were all really excited because the sun was shinning and it seemed like it was going to be a gorgeous day

5kms later.....

The weather had other ideas
It got better as the day went on and Enkuizen is a really pretty town. It is rich in history and the buildings are all hundreds of years old.

I don't know if you can see it in this picture but some of the buildings are so old that they are now on an angle with many of the door frames slanting on a 45 degree angle along the top. This building here looks like it is sloping backwards. It is very surreal walking around looking at them all, like you are in some kind of dutch Dr Seus.

We a strolled into town along one of the canals. A lot of the people here live on boats, which actually look like little houses on the water

By the time we finished lunch the sun had come out and the weather was nice again. Perfect guessed it, PHOTOS

love is in the air

This was on the banks of the harbour, an old fort i think. It was like a watch tower with little windows around the base that they used to shoot out of. Perhaps i didn't pay enough attention when Wim was explaining it. There were more photos on mum's camera but god knows how to upload photos from that.

We headed back to Hoorn soon after this, only stopping once on the way home to look at some more ships. By this stage Els was fed up with being a tourist and refused to get out of the car (or she was just a bit tired)

That night Emma had tea with us, so i thought it would be a good time to catch the whole Roos family in action, to give everyone a taste of a typical dutch family having tea
Mum didn't want her photo taken but i wanted you all to see her new hair colour!

Today we went into Hoorn to do Mum and Andre's birthday shopping. Being the effiient shoppers we are me and Els had it all done within an hour and a half. Mum and Wim had driven to Ouddorp to the market there becuase mum wanted some Kaneelbroodjes, which are like cinnamon buns. We all met up in Hoorn and had coffee before Els and I whisked mum off to pick out some new boots for her birthday. Mum liked the ones she choose so much she decided she might like to have them before her birthday. When we got back from town I made mum help me wrap Andre's present. I'm worried he won't like it so it'll be a nervous wait til Monday when he opens it.
After wrapping and lunch i wrote out a whole lot of postcards which i bought from Enkhuizen yesterday and rode to the shops to post them

                                                                            this is the front of Els and Wim's house

You know its good weather if someone is driving around with the top down

Tonight me and Mum have to pack becuase in the morning we are going to stay with Tante Ank in Brielle for a couple of days. I am also going to a VIP shopping night with Lisa at a store in Hoorn that her friends works at. I am beginning to wonder how i am going to fit everything in the suitcase

Tracy if you are reading this i thought you might like the beetle shot


  1. sea post lily - think sea post - you can put all of your old stuff in it and it will arrive three months later :)
    that way you can fit all the good new stuff in your suitcase :)
    (and my souvenir)

  2. Hey Lily

    Love the beetle shot and love following your blog you are so witty and make me laugh out loud while studying in the computer rooms at uni :-)

    P.S I had to create a whole new email account just so I can comment that makes 5 email addresses now!!!